"What They Are Saying"

"The friendly membership and staff provide a great atmosphere to relax, play golf and enjoy the food and other amenities of the club. We have enjoyed the live music, dancing and special events."
- 8 year Member -

"The golf shop has a consistency of talent and care. The events they continue to put together are exceptional. The course continues to hold its own with any in the area. The pool amenities and quality of food makes spending a day at the pool a lot of fun. I just want to say that the staff in all aspects of the club are engaging, knowledgeable and very service oriented. I consider them friends!"
- 22 year Member -

"My years at TDC have been a very pleasant and fulfilling experience. The staff has always been extremely kind, and accommodating. I certainly would recommend TDC to anyone that is looking for a "Home, Away from Home" atmosphere; providing a variety of fun activities for the family."
- 10 year Member -

"When joining any private club, one looks at amenities, appearance, consistency in services and creativity. Having been a member of The Dominion Club for 10 years, we find comfort in the knowledge that, whether for business or personal events, the staff will assist in creating innovative experiences coupled with exceptional service. We have found the staff to be attentive, well-trained and most welcoming in their service approach. They exhibit a sense of pride in their work and in maintaining the appearance of the Club. As a multi-function facility, offering swimming, tennis, golf and dining, as well as special programs and themed events, The Dominion Club offers unique opportunities for a variety of interests and age groups."
- 10 year Member - 

"The staff is very friendly at the golf and tennis shops and always ready to accommodate your needs. I particularly enjoy having lunch or dinner in a formal or in a more relaxed atmosphere. The food is very good and the bartenders make great drinks. In the summer the pool is a great place to meet for Happy Hour and people genuinely seem to enjoy being there."
-15 year Member -

"We have been members at TDC for over 6 years. We have made so many new friends there! From Happy Hour on Fridays, to New Year's Eve, every event is fun and entertaining. Music in the restaurant has become one of our favorite "night out". The staff always greets us with a smile, and their service is first rate. Our company Christmas Party has been at TDC for the last 5 years, and everyone loves the food and atmosphere. The golf staff is always professional and ready to help. We hope to spend many more days and nights at our favorite place in Richmond!"
- 6 year Member -

"We joined The Dominion Club 4 years ago and we have enjoyed our membership immensely. As someone who spent his childhood free time at a country club I appreciate the opportunity that membership offers in establishing family traditions, making friends and making memories. Our children love going to the club for special events such as the Santa Brunch, Daddy Daughter Dance or even the weekly Burger Night. My wife and I have enjoyed the Wine Tastings and Craft Beer tasting events and spending time on the golf course, either alone or with the kids. We decided to join initially for the pool and golf but we have really been impressed with the other activities and events that TDC has to offer and have established some wonderful family traditions and memories."
- 4 year Member -

"My husband and I have always enjoyed participation in TDC activities - which are many. My most active times and good thoughts come from my participation in golf, tennis, swim, and club socials. The staff in all these areas have always been exceptional. I find the friendliness of staff most important. It is very professional when the staff address you by your name."
- 19 year Member -

"TDC is a great place to meet people and make friends. I love being a member of both the ladies 9-hole and 18-hole golf groups. The golf and tennis professionals are always available for lessons or a quick tip on the driving range or tennis court. The club does a wonderful job with all the social events and the restaurant staff couldn’t be more helpful. I thoroughly enjoy being a member of The Dominion Club."
- 7 year Member -

"The course is always in great shape and the food is always top notch. The bar and restaurant staff are always very friendly and remember the names of the members. This always makes for a great impression and always leaves you feeling appreciated, especially when you bring in a guest. My wife and grandson really enjoy the pool and snack bar during the summer months. It is always clean and well maintained. The food and service are always great and the Friday night events are something fun to look forward to each week. My grandson had a chance to attend golf camp for the first time last year, hosted by TDC. Being 8 years old and not knowing anyone he was a little unsure of going. To be honest, half way through the first day he was ready to come home so the golf shop staff gave us a call and told us what was going on. Instead of sending him home they introduced him to another camper who didn’t know anyone and could be his buddy, as well as working with him one on one to build his confidence up. They made him so comfortable that afterwards he came home and asked if he could go back the next day! I could not be more thankful that the staff cares enough to work with the kids instead of giving up on them. As a result, he now loves golf!"
- 4 year Member -

"We have enjoyed the last 8 years at TDC. Some of our favorite events are the following: Holiday Brunches (Easter, Mother's Day, Santa, etc.) Father & Daughter Dance, Cornhole Tournaments, and recently the Beer and Mechanical Bull night in the Rotunda. These events are very "family oriented" and provides a memorable night out with friends. In addition, I have enjoyed the tennis portion of our membership. Through the tennis program, I have met many wonderful ladies and I have been able to "reclaim my youth" by playing competitively. My entire family is benefitting from the program as well. All my kids take lessons and the older ones play on the USTA Jr. teams."
- 8 year Member -

"The people in the golf shop do a great job. They do the kind of job any employer would be proud of. They plan activities, tournaments, etc. and go out of their way to take care of our group. The condition of the course is excellent. The people in the restaurant are very nice and go out of their way to take care of us."
- 20 year Member -