Leagues & Junior Golf

The Dominion Club invites Members to enjoy a variety of exciting leagues.

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  • DMGA

    • Looking to play a great game of golf?

      The purpose of the DMGA is to make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling golfers of different skill levels to equitably compete. We organize events for the male Full Golf Members of The Dominion Club. We also work with The Dominion Club golf staff by providing them with both advice and support.


      Rules, Scoring, and Guidelines

      Our rules of play are governed by the USGA Rules of Golf and the USGA Handicapping system. All DMGA Members agree to post their scores immediately following rounds. Each player's handicap will be updated bi-monthly by the VSGA, using USGA equitable stroke control during the season. Any rules or handicap issues will be mediated and resolved by the PGA Pro Staff. Each player must also declare which tees they will play for the 2014 DMGA season by March 22 of the year. He will use these tees to establish his handicap. It is the responsibility of the Handicap Committee to encourage equitable Member handicaps and to make adjustments when required.

      The DMGA will pay $500 to every Member who gets a hole-in-one. This comes from the DMGA dues. Qualifying holes-in-one are any of those made by a DMGA Member from any tee during the course of an 18 hole round. To qualify, a hole-in-one must be posted and witnessed by two other golfers. The round must be posted, and a signed, witnessed scorecard must be presented to the Golf Shop staff. Qualifying rounds include all DMGA events, including the Thursday emergency nines – home or away, and any round at The Dominion Club.

      The annual dues for 2014 are $50 for the year. Entries for DMGA specific events are included in the dues. With the exception of minor expenses, all of the dues will be used for event prizes. Spring Creek matches will have an additional charge (about $40) which will cover green fees at Spring Creek, golf cars, lunch, and prizes.



      Any questions about the DMGA may be directed to the golf shop at (804) 360-0093 or to the President of the DMGA, Dale Austin.

  • DWGA 9

    • Do you enjoy the “game” of golf?

      The Dominion Women’s Golf Association 9 Holers would love to have you join our group!

      • We play each Tuesday.
      • Most Members have a handicap of 18+ for nine holes.
      • Each week is a different format and you’re grouped with different Members – which is a great way to meet people at the Club.
      • We don’t take our golf skills too seriously – lunch after each round is the highlight of the day.
      • Each week we put $5 in a pot (charged to your Club account) and the winners of the day’s play get gift certificates to the golf shop.
      • We have a couple of socials each year that include our significant others.
      • Dues are $40.

  • DWGA 18

    • Come join us on Tuesday mornings!

      Our formats are as follows:
      • League Play - First Tuesday of each month from April to October will be designated as League Play with 9:00a.m. shotgun starts.
      • Play Day Shotgun - Golf Staff determines the game with 9:00a.m. Shotgun.
      • Play Day Tee Times - Golf Staff determines the game with Tee times starting at 9:00a.m.

      Each Member is assigned to one of two teams which compete all season, ending with a dinner in October. We have a Member/Member and a Member/Guest tournament, as well as Match Play events with other clubs and other special events. All handicaps are welcome!

      Any further inquiries may be directed to the golf shop at (804) 360-0093. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
  • Dominion Seniors

    • If you are 50 or older, we'd love to have you join the Dominion Seniors!

      The season runs from March to November, but you’ll find several of the Members playing year round.
      In addition to a spirited intra-club round of golf administered by the golf shop on Thursdays, there are also matches with five other clubs on a “home and away” basis, who are currently Farmington, Two Rivers, Spring Creek, Richmond, and Kingsmill. In addition to Thursday play, the Seniors play “informally” on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings depending upon tee time availability. Joining the Seniors Association virtually guarantees there is someone to play with just by calling the golf shop and signing up. There are also several “Social” events and even a couple out-of-state golfing events.
      Come join the fun and sign up by contacting the golf shop. Dues for joining are $35.00 plus $5.00 for the hole-in-one fund.

      Thanks and I hope to see you on the links.

      Rick Rush
      Dominion Seniors Association President (2014)

  • Junior Players League

    • Calling all Junior Golfers at TDC!

      The Junior Players’ League offers a fun and competitive environment that allows the golfers of tomorrow a chance to hone their skills and begin to get comfortable in a tournament setting.


      Junior Players’ League

      Golfers must have passed TDC's Junior Bag Tag Test with a member of the golf staff to be eligible. If your junior needs to take the Bag Tag Test, please call the Golf Shop at 804.360.0093. Each session is limited to the first 18 entrants. In the final week, the golfers with the highest point totals will have first right of refusal for entry.



      Age divisions will be 8 - 10, 11 - 12, and 13 and Older.
      Points will be given to competitors each week based on performance and prizes will be awarded to the top finishers on both a weekly and a season-long basis. In the final week, points will be doubled.



      Registration opens two weeks prior to each session and closes the Sunday before each session. Any entries after that point will be at the discretion of the golf staff.



      Golf Members (FG, SP, YP): Complimentary



      We will begin at 7am and tee times will begin at 7:15am.



      Feel free to email Tyler Murchison at tmurchison@heritagegolfgroup.com or call the Golf Shop at 804.360.0093.